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Exemplification of Spatial Concepts through Computer Games

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22 апреля в 18.18 состоится онлайн-семинар Лаборатории исследований компьютерных игр (ЛИКИ), на котором с докладом «Exemplification of Spatial Concepts through Computer Games» выступит Prof. Dr. Stephan Günzel (University of Europe for Applied Sciences).

Abstract. Computer Game Studies from the very beginning were about analyzing the spatiality of the digital realm. The talk will evolve around the problem that in most of the cases, games were considered to be (in-)appropriate representations of (real) space. In contrast to this, the paper to be discussed looks at computer games themselves as exemplifications of space, in particular spatial concepts. This means that in as much as spatial theory can be used in game studies to describe their objects in structure and appearance, games can be conceived of an enactment of spatial concepts.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Günzel since 2011, is Professor of Media Theory at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) in Berlin in the Department of Art & Design. He is the head of the Institute for Design Research there and founded the Bachelor’s program in Game Design in 2014, after coordinating the Center for Computer Game Research at the University of Potsdam, starting in 2008. In this year he also became a member of the steering committee of the Philosophy of Computer Games-conference series. Right now, he also is a Visiting Professor and Head of Department for Media Studies at Technical University Berlin.

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