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Gamer Hexis and the Aesthetic Practices of the Self

Уважаемые друзья и коллеги!

24 июня в 19.19 состоится онлайн-семинар Лаборатории исследований компьютерных игр (ЛИКИ), на котором с докладом «Gamer Hexis and the Aesthetic Practices of the Self» выступит Dr. Feng Zhu (King’s College London).

Feng Zhu holds a PhD from the University of Manchester (Sociology), an MA from The Courtauld (History of Art), and a BA from University College London (Philosophy and the History of Art). His ESRC and President’s Doctoral Scholarship funded PhD explored the ways in which player practices in contemporary single-player computer games (particularly RPGs) can be said to be aligned with what may be called a ‘neoliberal self-fashioning’ or to constitute the Foucauldean aesthetic practices of the self that lead to a ‘transformation’ or ‘transfiguration’ of the playing subject. As such, it examined ‘playful’ self-formation as a terrain on which power and resistance plays out, delving into the limitations of Foucault’s anti-normative ethico-aesthetics in order to do so.

Feng has taught courses that have spanned media studies, game studies, critical social theory, and aesthetics. He is a section editor for the Journal of the Philosophy of Computer Games and is on the board of reviewers for Game Studies: the international journal of computer game research.

Модератор: Алина Латыпова
Участники дискуссии: Александр Ленкевич, Константин Очеретяный, Маргарита Скоморох, Антон Косенко, Сергей Буглак, Андрей Муждаба, Алексей Царев, Владислав Кириченко, Александр Кириллов, Любовь Яковлева и др.

Доклад состоится на английском языке (без перевода).

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